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Bibles & Resources in
Over 250 Languages at EthnicHarvest.org.

Click Here to See Their Christian Resources for Many Countries.

Click Here for the Bible in
Parallel Matching Columns in
Many Different Languages &
Translations at
The Unbound Bible.

The Bible in Many
Different Languages at the
International Bible Society.

The Complete Jewish Bible at

 The Bible in Many
Different Languages at
The Bible Data Base.

Click Here for Many
Different Bible Versions at

The Bible in Many
Different Languages at www.BibleServer.com.

The Bible in Many Different
Languages at The Bible Org.

The Bible in Many
Different Languages at
Bibles for the World.

Read or Purchase Bibles in
120 Different Languages.

The Bible in Many Different Languages and Versions at www.BibleGateway.com.

The Bible in Many
Different Languages at
The International Bible Society.

Our Daily Bread in
Many Different Languages.

The Lord's Prayer in
Over 1400 Languages from
The Convent of Pater Noster.

Answers for You about:
God and Your Relationship with Him, Heaven, Eternal Life, Guilt, Anger, Grief, Loss, Sadness, Loneliness, Forgiveness, Hopelessness, Life's Purpose, Finding Peace, Christianity, Salvation, Father God, Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit.

Click Here for The Urdu
Translation of The Holy Bible.

Today's Scripture:
Bible Verses from Pastor Ralph
New Bible Verses




God's Simple Plan of
Salvation in Many Different
Languages at www.SeaFox.com.

with Bible Study Tools &
Multiple Versions.

Lots of Bible
Study Tools at Biblos.com

Click Here for
The King James Version at

Click Here for
Today's King James Version.

Click Here for Today's New International Version, New International Version and King James Version at tniv.info.

The New American Bible at The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Free Bibles sent to You
for the Poor, Oppressed and Imprisoned in the USA.

The Audio Bible at
The Audio Bible Homepage.

Audio Bibles for
the Blind Worldwide

Listen to The Bible in
Many Different Languages at
"Thru The Bible Radio."
     Click on "Our Programs" and then
     Click on "International Broadcasts to Select a Language.

GospelCom.net: Home Page:
    A Wonderful Resource for Your Daily Devotionals, Biblical Guidance & So Many Scriptural Needs & Information.

Daily Devotionals at

The Billy Graham
Evangelistic Association at


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   THE CHILDREN's HOSPITAL: Click Here for Abba Children's International Hospital at
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